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“Unconditional, dedicated support is as important as any other key ingredient that helps us achieve our greatest potential.”

Lucia Zelesco, founder-owner of Zelesco Advisory and Consulting

This is a 15 page comprehensive step-by-step guide.The EXACT template I use for all of my clients and I’m offering it to you absolutely FREE for a limited time.

Zelesco Consulting & Advisory provides expert marketing, strategy and business development services to help you level up your business.

Our close-knit, consultative working style puts you in the driver’s seat of your exponential business growth. Our tools, support and expertise are all geared towards skyrocketing your business to greater success with a customised strategy and service that grows with you. All whilst providing incredible value and ROI.

Utilising our 8 years of experience, a proven track record for over 200 happy clients and our friendly, knowledgeable team in your corner, the sky really is the limit.
Our focus is:
+ Lead Generation Websites
+ Branding Identities
+ Digital Marketing
+ KPI’s

“The measure of our success is the fulfilment of your vision.”

Lucia Zelesco

It’s not only marketing that is evolving so rapidly, people are – the way we connect and the way we engage with market. But at the end of the day, one thing remains a constant. Our reliance on human connection. We recognise at Zelesco that building trust and credibility is the cornerstone of our success. Its these values which are most important to us that we impart to our clients. Through forging human relationships we create a loyal market and success for the businesses we serve.

The power of visionary brand marketing.

The importance of standing in your authenticity should never be underestimated. With a saturated market populated by diverse human beings, we have to stand in our truth, and speak from that place. Our audience is waiting to see us, to hear us. By speaking authentically and consistently, we magnetise our audience to us – the people who need our product or service.

It’s really that simple, but also that powerful.

“Marketing is an investment and should always be met with a return.”

Lucia Zelesco

Zelesco has created a specialised and complete service to take your business to the next level and beyond.

We offer your business:

 A complete, full-suite marketing support team, that works alongside your business, fitting seamlessly as a part of your organisation and saving you the hassle of outsourcing freelancers.+


  • Expert brand knowledge and consultancy, to help you clearly define and broadcast your authentic essence to the world and attract your market.
  • A strategic blueprint with KPI’s that makes a genuine impact in your industry and can be measured so you can measure your exact ROI.
  • Our commitment to fully immerse in your vision and achieve it.
“We’ve hired Lucia to complete Graphic Design work on more than one occasion. She’s always smiling, and willing to do what‘s necessary to complete the job. We appreciated her quick responses, and how she goes out of her way to work in the way that suited the team. Thank you, Lucia!”.
Lindsey Leigh, Marketing Mlight

This is a 15 page comprehensive step-by-step guide.The EXACT template I use for all of my clients and I’m offering it to you absolutely FREE for a limited time.
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